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Google Street View!


Back in January 2013 we were in the south of Mexico. We drove from San Cristóbal to the border with Guatemala, and then back up north along the coast to Oaxaca. The day we left San Cristóbal that time, we…

The last few weeks


Some of the things we did in the last few weeks: Drove around: Got a new door ornament: Went to San Francisco: We also started on Secret Project #1: …and Secret Project #2:



In contrast with Stephanie’s right-brain retrospectives, I wanted to post some left-brained numbers about the trip: Time on the road: 621 days, or 1 year, 8 months, and 14 days. Miles driven: 32,107 Gallons of gasoline: 1950.6 Average MPG: 16.46…



Here is a little gallery of some of the signs we saw on the road in Patagonia. Useful information or good advice in every one of them.

One last night camping

We spent one last night in the van, at Andean Roads, the place our friend and fellow VW fanatic Cris owns north of Buenos Aires. In the morning, we organized the van in order to ship it back to California.…

Punta Alta


We spent the last several days in my home town, Punta Alta. It makes sense: a short 700Km drive from Buenos Aires, here we have family, friends, showers, internet, and my childhood house to stay in. We spent the time…