Van and Casa upgrades

I can’t believe Juan hasn’t posted photos of the van. Here he is, in all of his restored glory.
It is pretty unbelievable how shiny and new it looks. You would never guess where it’s been! The color is pretty subtle and changes in the light. Sometimes it looks more white-ish. Sometimes it looks more green.

I am also pretty stoked about the new flooring!

It’s pergo we had leftover from the casita.

And speaking of the casita…we got a Tuff Shed as a wedding gift.


Somehow this…


became this sunken treasure.


The site getting graded…notice the tree on the right of the frame…


Smooth and nice! Ta-da!

It’s hard to take pictures of the interior, since the entire footprint is just 10’x 12′, the maximum footprint that doesn’t require a building permit, just a planning permit. But here are a few shots of the inside.


Chill corner with built-in benches and custom-built (Juan-built) Pac-man table!


Sleep loft (just like the Westy!)


Ladder-steps recessed between the studs for me and Juan…


…and stairs for Milo.


I made all the drapes in three different kinds of fabric.


Ceiling covered with maps


…just like the Westy!

Basically the casita is just a larger version of the Westy, but without the kitchen. They’re even kind of the same color!

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  1. Mathieu
    April 9, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Thank you for the update! The van looks great and the Casita is a smart move. I followed your journey but stayed quiet most of the time. Hopefully our turn is coming soon. If you’re ever in Montreal, Québec, there’s a driveway space for you (or a bed if you travel by plane).


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