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There…and back!

On September 13, 2012, we left San Francisco and headed south in our 1989 Volkswagen Westfalia. After reaching the southernmost tip of Argentina, Ushuaia, on April 3, 2014, we headed back north to Buenos Aires, where we flew home on…

Google Street View!


Back in January 2013 we were in the south of Mexico. We drove from San Cristóbal to the border with Guatemala, and then back up north along the coast to Oaxaca. The day we left San Cristóbal that time, we…

The last few weeks


Some of the things we did in the last few weeks: Drove around: Got a new door ornament: Went to San Francisco: We also started on Secret Project #1: …and Secret Project #2:



In contrast with Stephanie’s right-brain retrospectives, I wanted to post some left-brained numbers about the trip: Time on the road: 621 days, or 1 year, 8 months, and 14 days. Miles driven: 32,107 Gallons of gasoline: 1950.6 Average MPG: 16.46…

Retrospective Número Uno

When I find myself thinking of our trip, it comes back to me in bits and pieces that look something like this. People continue to ask us about our favorite parts of the trip, and I wish we could ‘wow’…

On our way back


We were in Punta Arenas yesterday, and we decided that crossing the border twice and driving the extra 600 or so kilometers to Ushuaia doesn’t make sense. We’ve already seen most of Patagonia anyway. Just when we were talking about…

Insta… Juan?

A few months ago I started playing the Instagram game. So, inspired by Stephanie’s “Instavan” posts, here are a few square images. Follow me on Instagram @juanbuhler.

Ecce Homo


Sadly, not this one: Instead, we went to the Convento Ecce Homo, on the edge of the valley, near Villa de Leyva. This place was founded in 1620, and we found it very interesting, and with very pleasant grounds. I’d…