Punta Alta

We spent the last several days in my home town, Punta Alta. It makes sense: a short 700Km drive from Buenos Aires, here we have family, friends, showers, internet, and my childhood house to stay in. We spent the time visiting people, eating food, and dealing with the logistics of sending the van, the dog and us back to San Francisco.

Our visit was special also because it was my sister’s 50th birthday (she is several decades older than I am–ahem) and there had been a surprise party in the works for her for the last three months or so.

I went out with my high school friends, like we always do when I’m here:


Gustavo, Gabriel and Silvio.

We emptied the van, cleaned it, and started packing for the trip back:


We also took the van to the mechanic, for one last tune up before Art sees it in California. The mechanic, Luis, is a friend of the family and left the engine sounding great:


Milo got the worst haircut of his life so far:


He does look like a puppy though.


This is the dog that traveled to the end of the world with us.

We were interviewed by a local radio!

With Beto, radio owner and host.

Then, it was the party:



Good genes run in the family.


Everybody was looking at the weird American girl who danced all night.

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  1. oh50olive@gmail.com
    May 13, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    The Westie and the Weird Girl are looking good after that long trip!

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